Christina Drakopoulou


Degrees / Specializations

I help outstanding individuals get unstuck from personal fears and limitations and fast-track to the life of their dreams.

I remember myself looking for what my special gift/ talent/ innate ability is, what I have to offer to those around me to leave the world behind me a little better and to be able to express myself. I realized that what I’m good at is helping people around me believe in themselves and live better lives. That’s my talent/ charisma/ my innate ability and through it I am happy, I thrive and I am constantly improving.

I have changed my career several times in my life, depending on what I love to do, and I did it quite successfully with lots of love. I continue to believe that it is important to do what we love and are passionate about. Professionally, I have worked as a Clinical Dietitian, I have co-founded a successful hotel chain, I have planned and decorated hotels, I have been actively involved with groups of volunteers, environmental organizations as well as education. I have been involved in the education of children and adults, I have organized projects, conferences, groups and I have appeared in various shows. Personally, I have gone through various forms of abuse, burnout, mild depression and I have often felt trapped in relationships, at work, in stale choices. Through hypnotherapy and all these wonderful techniques I discovered choices immediately, within a few sessions and most importantly while acquiring useful and tangible tools for myself. I am well aware of the difficulties of modern professional and emotional life and I have professional experience in various fields to support people who want to have a full and authentic professional and personal life.

I specialize in the problems of modern life in urban environments: a job we do not love, dead-end relationships, lethargy, burnout, inability to live in stereotypes, excessive stress, a general feeling of “blockage”, “helplessness” and “entrapment”. I am interested in working with people who want to live a wonderful life, a life of their own choices and have a passion for pursuing this dream. I have worked with people who broke down their phobias, found the job they always wanted, clarified what they wanted and set a course in their lives by achieving long-term goals, people who built relationships of love and affection and created a meaningful life for themselves. I love what I do and in my work I use the best tools from all my specializations to achieve the best possible results.

As a person I am passionate about people, learning, volunteering, music, animals, dancing and traveling.

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  • Franki M.
    First and foremost...WOW! I had THE BEST hypnosis session i've ever had with Christina. She is absolutely incredible and a seriously talented coach/hypnotherapist. Christina helped me to uncover some really stuck beliefs that have been holding me back and transformed my inner landscape to open up to new understandings about myself and smash those limiting beliefs. I left the session feeling like i can confidently move forward and accomplish my goals now. She flipped a switch in me and i FEEL it. I highly recommend Christina's services, and i am so grateful to have crossed her path.
    Franki M.
  • Vivian W.
    What makes Christina stand out isn't just that she's a phenomenal hypnotherapist. It is that she is also a loving, caring, empathetic human being. Everything she does comes from love. She is such a pleasure to work with. I would 10/10 recommend her to people.
    Vivian W.
  • Mary Collins, CH
    Christina is a wonderful therapist! You can sense her natural empathic nature and will find results with her!
    Mary Collins, CH
  • Debbie Lucas, UK
    I could not recommend Christina enough! She is so kind and gentle in her approach. She has a real way of getting to the bottom of what’s going on in your unconscious mind. She really helped me to dig down deep to understand why I do some of the things I do. This understanding has given me such great self awareness and helped me to improve my life a lot. Thank you Christina!
    Debbie Lucas, UK